Fireplace Talk (Episode 6): Zoom Discussion on ‘Importance of Work-Life Balance’- 23 July 2022 (Sat) at 9:00pm

FireplaceTalk series, with distinguished leaders, alumni, and academics, is an online ZOOM event organized by the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Master of Science in E-Commerce and Internet Computing (MEICOM) Alumni Association. Interviewees will share with us their thoughts, insights at work/business, and personal challenges during the interview. Stay tuned for future episodes of the series, coming soon!

Event Details

Episode 6:  23 July 2022 SATURDAY

Zoom Discussion on ‘Importance of Work-Life Balance’
Stress and long working hours for staying competitive are the typical characteristics of Hong Kong’s working environment. The growing need for remote-work arrangements has also blurred the work and personal life. Balancing the work-life equation is indeed a complex act. While some believe our daily activity may affect our relationships with our families, friends, and others, such as physical health, mental health, etc., others believe in fulfillment only and not any kind of balance relationship. What are your thoughts? Several of our successful alumni will share their views on work-life balance, and how they effectively manage their work and leisure time as well as having fun.

Date & Time: 23 July 2022, Saturday, starting 9:00 p.m. (around 45 mins)

Shared by:
Mr. Michael Tsui, President 2007/08, MEICOM Alumni Association
Mr. Vins Fong, President 2009/10, MEICOM Alumni Association
Mr. Patrick Yeung, President 2021/22, MEICOM Alumni Association
Dr. Henry Chan, Director 2021/22, MEICOM Alumni Association

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