Episode 4: 20 May 2023 (Sat) from 9 – 9:45pm (HKT)
Enhancing Knowledge Management in Corporations through Digital Transformation and AI Integration

Dr. Trevor Lui, Adjunct Assistant Professor of HKU Business School and Knowledge Management Consultant

MCs :
Thomas Tang, Director, MEICOM Alumni Association
David Poon, Director, MEICOM Alumni Association

The presentation focuses on the integration of digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance knowledge management processes in organisations. It covers the advantages of using these technologies, the challenges and opportunities that come with their implementation, and recommended strategies for successful integration. Furthermore, the presentation will feature a case study of an organisation that has effectively incorporated digital transformation and AI into their knowledge management processes.

Topics of sharing:

  1. Challenges of traditional KM in corporations
  2. Benefits of digital transformation and AI integration for KM
  3. Case studies of corporations that have successfully implemented digital transformation and AI integration for KM
  4. Best practices for corporations looking to enhance their KM through digital transformation and AI integration

About The Speaker:
Dr. Trevor Lui, is a management consultant in strategic process analysis, innovation & technology, and knowledge management (KM). He specializes in various areas such as knowledge and strategic management, electronic document management, process innovation, customer knowledge management, and project and change management. He has worked with different industries, including healthcare, education, government, multinational corporations like Walmart, Adidas, Estee Lauder, and international organizations. Additionally, he is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching in the master’s degree program at the business school of HKU.

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