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Episode 3:
Mar 18, 2023 (Sat) 9p.m.
Zoom Discussion on ‘Meet the startup, AutoML Capital: Seizing AI opportunities in Wealth Management’

Rebecca is the founder and CEO of AutoML Capital, a WealthTech company that leverages its proprietary machine learning algorithm to perform Asset Management and Investment Services.
She is a physicist by training and obtained her undergraduate and master degree in Physics from the University of Oxford, specialising in Atmospheric Physics and Particle Physics. Prior to her Entrepreneurship, she had 12 years of experience in Banking and Finance across Sales & Trading and Private Banking (Hong Kong and London) in the area of Market Risks, Derivative Pricing and Portfolio Management. She co-founded Automated Machine Learning in 2017 and developed the self-learning AI Engine “ML Brain” that was later used by AutoML Capital.
AI-based applications are being used more extensively not only to augment human expertise in routine tasks, but also to streamline business processes. AI is significantly transforming the Wealth Management industry. Rebecca Lim, founding partner of AutoML Capital, an AI driven investment management company, will share about the usage of AI in the WealthTech space as well as the startup solution and journey.

Topics of sharing:

How did it all start?
How the Power of AI is used in wealth management?
What’s the future of AI in wealth management?
Challenges on the entrepreneurship  journey
Working in a startup vs a corporation

Date & Time: 18 Mar 2023 , Saturday, starting 9:00 p.m. (around 45 mins)
Shared by:
Rebecca Lim,  Founder and CEO of AutoML Capital

Jay Wong, Vice President 2022/23, MEICOM Alumni Association
Reese Cheng, Director 2022/23, MEICOM Alumni Association

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