Fireplace Talk (Episode 1): How web 3 community will drive revenue for your business? – 29 Oct 2022 (Sat) at 9:00pm

FirePlace Talk series, with distinguished leaders, alumni, and academics, is an online ZOOM event organized by the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Master of Science in E-Commerce and Internet Computing (MEICOM) Alumni Association. Interviewees will share with us their thoughts, insights at work/business, and personal challenges during the interview. Stay tuned for future episodes of the series, coming soon!

Episode 1: 29 October 2022 SATURDAY

Zoom Discussion on ‘How web 3 community will drive revenue for your business?’

Mr. Jovid Tong is Business Development Manager of Index Game. After being a drop-out student of Business, Accounting & Financial Studies from high school, he realized his interest has always been in Humanity & Sociology. Aiming to improve human life by building valuable connections between individuals, joined Web 3 world where COMMUNITY is the key.

Index Game is the first Metaverse Agency in Hong Kong officially appointed & invested by The Sandbox Metaverse, the largest decentralized metaverse in the world. In one-year time, Index Game has worked with over 15 Brands & IPs including Mr. Adrian Cheng, HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Sun Hun Kai & Co., Ocean Park, Lion Tiger Gate(龍虎門), King of Kowloon (九龍皇帝), and more.

Thousands of Lights is a Web 2.5 project that aims to create an O2O (online-to-offline) economic ecosystem around COMMUNITY. By connecting local brands & NFT communities on the same platform, Index Game empowers every NFT to be an exclusive global membership card where one could enjoy in-real-life local utilities (exclusive discounts & offers, private event tickets, merchants, etc.) wherever you are.

Topics of sharing

  • NFT is just a JPEG, scam?
  • Web 3 market size would become 1 trillion in 2030, so what?
  • Is a bridge too far? Getting from web 2 to web 3
  • How to make use of Web3 community? why should I care about the Metaverse?
  • Why is NFT so expensive? What’s more other than a JPEG?
  • Web 3 is a trillion-dollar market in 2030 – what does it mean to me?

Date & Time: 23 July 2022, Saturday, starting 9:00 p.m. (around 45 mins)

Shared by:

Mr. Jovid Tong, Business Development Manager, Index Game


Mr. Aaron Wu, Director 2022/23, MEICOM Alumni Association

Mr. Charlie Poon, Director 2022/23, MEICOM Alumni Association

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