The ONLY way to do it, is to DO IT



In 2016 when I started the HKU Engineering DreamLab after the DreamCatchers initiative the year before, I decided to work with a designer colleague of mine, Rosita, to design posters for the walls in DreamLab. Each poster has a theme based on a “quotable quote” by some famous individuals over the years that I find inspiring. After talking to MEICOM Chair Patrick Yeung, I have decided to share these posters, one every month, with some of my own reflections on the message in each poster. These will be posted on the MEICOM website at the beginning of each month to be shared with MEICOM members.

In November 2015, after our DreamCatchers team had a very successful first DreamCatchers Forum to ignite the entrepreneurship culture within HKU, I visited Stanford University with President Peter Mathiason and Vice-President Paul Tam to learn how they drive entrepreneurship at Stanford. When we walked into the Stanford Design School, I saw a poster hanging there to greet me with the message “The ONLY way to do it, is to DO IT”. I thought this is most relevant to the Engineering DreamLab that I was launching that year to drive entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Engineering. I therefore use this as the Motto for DreamLab.

Procrastination is human nature!! We may be busy with a lot of things in life: festive events, commitments, work, study, … and we have little time for trying new things, cultivating our creative energy, exercise our body, visit relatives and friends we have not seen for a long time, or start a new project. We may be worried about the possibility of failure, not enough resources, or lack of commitment.

I observe my 2-year-old granddaughter Lina growing up and notice that she is an explorer, a follower (eager to repeat what we say) and an innovator. She is always curious about new things, gives speeches that none of us understand, and tries to solve puzzles that are way beyond her capability. As we start the new year in 2022, let us reignite our curiosity, enthusiasm, and innovative spirit within us, and ask ourselves “What is the one thing that I really want to do but have procrastinated over the year?” – then GO AND DO IT!


Professor Paul Cheung