ECIC Alumni Sharing Series crossover with Hong Kong R User Group
Baby steps to data analytic with R

Date and time: 17 Mar 2018, Sat, 12:00-14:30

Venue: Graduate house P06, HKU

Price: Meicom / HK R User Group members HK$78, Non-members HK$100 (Include refreshments + light lunch 🍕🥤, and any surplus will be contributed to Meicom operation)

Limited seats, first in first serve, please kindly register and pay in the button below

Event Details

Volunteer Alumni Speaker: Thomas Qian, data scientist from a local bank

Target audience: ECIC Students who will enroll “Data science for Business” in summer / Data geek 🤓 👩🔬 👨🔬

Topics for the workshop:

  • History of R
  • R vs Python vs C
  • Overview of Analytical architecture
  • How to deploy R desktop or server
  • How to deploy R application in a nutshell
  • Basic R programming concept
  • Common data profiling function
  • ML Prediction demo


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