Message from the 2021 Meicom Alumni Association President – Patrick Yeung

Dear Members,


It has already been a month since the new Board is elected. As President of the Board I would like to update you on the Board’s proceedings so far.


Including myself there are 14 Members serving on the Board for the term 2021-2022 :


President :                   Patrick YEUNG ( Cohort 2000)

Vice President :           Angela YAU ( Cohort 2000)

Vice President :           Michael LO ( Cohort 2009)

Secretary :                   Patrick LEE ( Cohort 2020)

Treasurer :                  Jay WONG ( Cohort 2019)

Immediate past

President :                   Alan CHOW ( Cohort 2000)

Member :                    Steve AU-YEUNG ( Cohort 2000)

Member :                    Henry CHAN ( Cohort 1999)

Member :                    Reese CHENG ( Cohort 2019)

Member :                    Henry CHEUNG ( Cohort 2020)

Member :                    Doris CHUN ( Cohort 2000)

Member :                    Traze KONG ( Cohort 2008)

Member :                    CK WAN ( Cohort 2020)

Member :                    Boris WONG ( Cohort 2019)

Member :                    Stephen TAM ( Cohort 2009)


We have a very diversified Board, with alumni from the 1st Cohort to current students , to serve our members. Though our term is only for one year we are committed to focus our work on the following 3 areas :


  1. Educational
  2. Professional
  3. Social


On 31 AUG we attended the MSc( ECom & IComp) Welcoming Reception, organized by the Program Office, to welcome Cohort 2021. 


MEICOM participation of this event has been a tradition. It not only gave us the opportunity to share with the new students our set up , goals, and activities, it was also a good opportunity to recruit new members. 


Unfortunately, due to Corvid 19 measures, unlike in the past normal years, the usual cocktail drinks after the official session was cancelled which lessen the opportunity to interact with the new students.


We also have had our first Board meeting.


At the meeting we have discussed the way forward for MEICOM. Mundane but important agenda for example including the reviewing of our Article of Associations which is probably outdated, an auditing of our membership database especially in the context of the current Privacy Ordinance.


The Board plans to meet monthly to review, discuss, update, and revise both short and long term activities. Obviously, we plan the activities with you – MEICOM members in mind. Your input and support will no doubt be important in helping us organize appropriate events.


MEICOM webpage is where we will share the most updated information though we will also be riding on the various social media channels to reach different segments of MEICOM. 


The success of MEICOM depends greatly on every member’s support and participation.


While most members are already very busy with both their work and personal life we do look forward to your support in no matter how small a way it may be. We believe there are many ways that members can contribute to MEICOM. However, first thing first , we need to engage, communicate, and interact with you all more regularly. This is fundamentally important if we are to serve our members well.


Many thanks.



Meicom welcome reception